Deciding to see a therapist is a huge step towards getting more fulfillment out of life. Often we rationalize, avoid, isolate or give up when faced with life's challenges. This leaves us feeling anxious, depressed, powerless and hopeless. By reaching out for help, you're taking the initial step towards change.

My belief is that psychotherapy is an active process where you and I explore issues in your life that are troubling. In doing so, you become the catalyst of change. I view my role as a guide along your journey, offering support, guidance, empathy, insight and encouragement. In turn, you become better equipped to attain what you want in life, the way you would like.

My training as a creative arts therapist specializing in drama therapy allows me to use a variety of ways to help you achieve your goals in treatment - either through traditional "talk" therapy or using creative media like role playing or art. I also have extensive training in psychodynamic therapy which enhances my ability to assess what someone is struggling with and why. 

What does this mean for therapy, am I going to have to act out my problems?! Not at all, rather I use my training as a drama therapist to inform my thinking and interventions. For example, I may share metaphors, stories or images when listening to you to help you take a step back, reflect and in turn gain a better understanding of what is happening. Role playing is always optional!

Ultimately you can reach a place where you can become clearer on how you feel, what you want and empowered to get it.