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I titled this post ??? for two reasons: 1. I couldn't pick a topic to write about since I wrote last week's post and 2. I didn't know when I could write since things have taken a hectic pace.

Via e-mail I've gotten some great feedback (THANK YOU!) and suggestions for new posts - fear of success, complexities of child/parent relationships as you age, how birth order shapes personality, dating issues, sex and sexuality questions, alcohol/drug addiction, and continuations of both my previous posts. Despite all these choices and others I've been contemplating I still hadn't written and the weekend is almost here. So when I was sitting on the subway last night I realize that I'm stuck, overwhelmed and indecisive.

As I was walking around in my office today, I glanced at the magazines in the waiting room. The headline in the October 2011 issue of Psychology Today "Yes! Cure Indecision Make Up Your Mind," jumped out. It was one of those, "the Universe is talking to you," moments and thought why not make my problem the topic! We all can relate to the difficulty in making mundane decisions ("What am I going to eat tonight?") to life altering ones ("Should I take the job offer or stay?"). The author, Marina Krakovsky, delineates the dilemma of having too many options and fear of making the wrong choice. I agree with Ms. Krakovsky's article in that the fear of making the wrong choice fuels the need to search and search for options. I'll go one step further and suggest that being indecisive could be symptomatic of another internal experience. For me, once I reflected and wondered why it was hard for me to make a decision I realized I'm feeling overwhelmed and more anxious than I realized. It's an exciting time of year and things are going well but it's overwhelming. And you know what, I got more done today that I had the past week (and have energy to write a blog at 11:11 pm)!

Noticing your behavior, reflecting, getting more in touch with how you feel and gaining some insight into why it's all happening is a simplified way to describe therapy. Once we know how we feel - instead of going on auto-pilot - the better off we are in making choices, having relationships, or seeking out goals in life that are satisfying.

Lastly, I will say that updating this blog consistently for a month has been a joy! It let's me share my thought process and hopefully lets anyone reading who's considering therapy with me to feel more comfortable. It's also fun and creative which is something I was craving in my professional life. I hope to maintain this consistency posting every week or every other week.

So goodnight!


Till next time!

Out with the old and in with the new!