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So about that New Year's resolution....

Ok I'll admit it, I'm awful at sticking to a New Year's resolution. So many things happen on a daily basis that to carve out an hour in one week to blog is hard. Not impossible but hard!

Which got me thinking about how often patients come in overwhelmed about the never-ending juggling act of life. Many times I work with people on how to exercise self-care. And for everyone it's different! Self-care can mean skipping the gym and sitting on the couch to catch the last episode of, "Grey's Anatomy," or spending time with your close friends instead of going to yet another dinner meeting with a client. Or calling that therapist who's number is buried under a pile of paper on your desk but haven't for fear that you're "being stupid and just need to suck it up." *

The summer, for many, runs at a slower pace. It can be a great opportunity for you to asses what are the things/people/activities that rejuvenate you? What keeps you going during a busy week? What will help you achieve your next goal? Although the Fall is just around the corner it's not too late to take that last minute trip out to the beach without your work Blackberry, try that yoga class you've been meaning to take or begin the novel that has been sitting on your night stand. 

*Shameless plug, I know, but you have to have some humor in life!

 Next week...Money woes and self-esteem.

Money, money, money...where for art thou?

Happy Holidays!